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A Christian movement and charity, changing the way we think and act to sustain the world’s resources and raising funds for use in developing / low-income countries.

We want two changes: a change in people’s behaviour; and the change in people’s pockets!


To save the world we need to make BIG changes. We can achieve this by making small, linked changes one step at a time. We aim to give you ideas of what you can do and we ask you to recruit others – your friends and families. 

Our mission

  • To raise money for eco-projects (click here to donate)
  • Raise awareness on green issues
  • Assess people’s eco-awareness
  • Educate on how to be more green
  • Distributes money and resources from wealthy nations to low-income nations (WHO)
  • Reaches out to young people
  • Gets the message across about Eco-church in Diocese in Europe Encourages working together (teamwork) within specific churches, chaplaincies. 
  • Gets the message out about the risk of end of life on earth as we know it.

Who we are:

Find out more about who we are
Chris Wells

Tricia Wells

Marcial Felgueiras

Executive Director, A Rocha Portugal

Isabel Soares (Bebé)

Environmental Education Officer, A Rocha, Portugal

Reverend David Bookless

Director of Theology, A Rocha 

Reverend Elizabeth Bussmann Morton

Environment Officer for the Church of England Diocese in Europe 

Andrew Rogerson